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Vintage designer furniture

for your dream interior

Are you looking for vintage designer furniture? With Design in Box's collection you will find exactly what you are looking for for your dream interior. Sleekly designed furniture with a typical vintage 60s look but according to today's sustainable standards. But how to create a real vintage interior? Read below which typical characteristics you can apply for a contemporary vintage design.

1960s furniture impression
Sixties furniture, retro design chair, chair retro, industrial chair
Sixties furniture, retro design chair, chair retro, industrial chair

What makes something a vintage piece of furniture?

Vintage design is for very recognizable by the color palette used. Think of the pastel shades from the 1950s and 1960s. Combine the pastel colors with contemporary trend colors to create a really fresh and contemporary vintage interior. The Design in Box furniture is available in different colors so you can always put together a version that suits you.

Another important aspect is the use of natural materials. This is also where a very current design topic comes into play, namely sustainability. It is precisely sustainable design that is at the heart of Design in Box. In the upholstery, the production process and the way of packaging and shipping, we strive for minimal impact on our environment.

Vintage design is above all functional

Vintage goes beyond looks. Above all, a vintage piece of furniture must also be functional. In form, in use and again in durability. Our Design in Box furniture is designed so that parts can be easily replaced. Parts are interchangeable, so from the very first design concept, we have reflected this philosophy of funtional design.

Combine vintage with other styles

You really don't have to go over the top in creating a vintage interior. Instead, combine with other styles for your own personal touch. The vintage furniture from Design in Box combines perfectly with Scandinavian elements, more modern industrial/urban styles and the serene look of japandi. Choose a connecting element in shape, color or material and you will create your completely own living style.

Vintage design in the details

Create a unifying element with details. The shape of the legs, or certain upholstery. It is precisely those authentic details that create a unique vintage design interior. For example, look at the way the frames for our Lounge No. 13 and our Dining No. 14 are curved. Repeating these shapes in a subtle way creates unity in details that make the whole of your interior a true dream interior.

Shop vintage furniture

Shop the vintage furniture from Design in Box for your interior! Configure your own style furniture that fits perfectly in a vintage interior.

1960s furniture

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