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Durable furniture

Sustainable furniture is a big trend in the Netherlands.

The demand for furniture with sustainable materials has increased dramatically. More and more Dutch furniture brands and manufacturers have started to create furniture that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Design in Box goes the extra mile with its furniture. Not only is the furniture itself durable, but thought has also been given to the lifespan of each piece of furniture. The easy replacement of parts ensures that the furniture is always adaptable to your current interior, making it last extra long! If that's not enough, your new durable furniture is also shipped as environmentally consciously as possible! Clever... "in a box". This furniture brand has thought of everything.

durable furniture
Durable furniture
Design in Box Sustainable furniture 7

Durable furniture

Design in Box's durable furniture is designed to last and have a long life. They are easy to maintain and adjust. Because Design in Box also sells individual parts, you'll have "new" designer furniture in no time!

Durable furniture

With this, Design in Box helps you reduce your environmental impact. The sustainable furniture from Design in Box is versatile and can therefore be used in different styles, from modern to classic. And from retro to Scandinavian interior. Our sustainable furniture is a good choice if you are looking for sturdy, timeless and environmentally friendly design furniture.

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Durable premium design

Sustainable interior

In addition to sustainable furniture, you may find it interesting how you can make the rest of your decor as environmentally conscious as well. What choices can you make for a sustainable interior? By using sustainable materials, furniture and products you can extend the life of your interior! Think about sustainable paints and lacquers or choose natural materials in your interior, such as wood, ceramics, glass and paper. Have you also thought about energy-efficient appliances? Like LED bulbs, solar panels or an energy-efficient washing machine. Not only good for the environment, also good for your wallet, especially with today's energy prices!

Durable furniture

Don't forget the accessories

Durable accessories? Do they exist?

Yes of course, in fact you can think of artwork made from recycled materials. Or products made from sustainable plant fibers. There are also many alternatives today to create atmosphere with LED lighting. LED candles instead of real candles provide better air quality in the home, making your interior and sustainable furniture last extra long.

So are you looking for durable furniture for your home? Then take a look at our webshop! We offer sustainable design furniture of high quality. You will enjoy it for years and from generation to generation. Our furniture is made with respect for the environment and is shipped sustainably. As compact as possible packed in sustainable materials. If together we can ensure that we burden our planet a little less, we create a win-win situation. A sustainable design furniture in your interior without guilt!

Why choose durable furniture?

Durable furniture is the best choice for eco-friendly interiors. They are made from materials that are more resistant to wear and tear and aging, extending the life of the chairs.
Our durable chairs are stylish and attractive, offering a comfortable seating experience. They are available in a variety of styles, including modern, country, classic, industrial and more. They are also available in a variety of colors, so you can choose a chair to match your decor. Our durable chairs are made of strong and durable material that will last a long time.

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